America's Favorite Online Shops

Shopping has always been popular in the United States. The act of a consumer purchasing a product from a retailer is one of the cornerstones of the American economy. Americans love shopping so much that there are specific days set aside just to shop. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year and it takes place the day after Thanksgiving. The dramatic rise in popularity of Black Friday shows just how dedicated to shopping Americans have become.

Online Shopping Has Changed Everything

In the late 1970's, shopping malls started to appear all over the United States and they were attracting millions of shoppers every week. The idea of having all of the stores and restaurants a shopper could ever need in one location was something that Americans enjoyed. But if being able to go to one building to do all of the shopping they needed to do was popular with Americans, then being able to do the same thing from home was sure to be a hit.

By the late 1990's, the popularity of shopping malls started to wane as the Internet took over. Americans decided to shop from home and avoid time wasted hunting for a parking spot, fighting through the crowds to get the products they wanted, and eliminate the disappointment of finding out the product they wanted was not in stock. Instead, Americans could shop online and find the products they needed in minutes. The convenience of online shopping has completely changed the way that Americans buy their products.

Online Shopping Created New Retail Powerhouses and Strengthened the Popular Ones

Big box retailers knew that they needed an online component if they wanted to remain competitive. When it comes to familiar retailers who have flourished online, the list includes:

  • Wal-Mart
  • Macy's
  • Target
  • Best Buy

The brick and mortar retailers that were able to create websites that made the shopping experience easier for the customer were the ones that grew. Along with the familiar names, the Internet also created new online shopping options that have grown rapidly. The most popular of these include:

  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Etsy

While these online retailers could not replicate the immediate satisfaction of being able to hand the customer a product at the same moment the customer paid for it, they made up for that shortcoming with huge selections and low prices. Specialty online retailers such as NewEgg and Fathead are utilizing the interactive nature of the Internet to spur their success. NewEgg sells technology solutions, and Fathead offers wall-mounted life-size posters along with custom marketing solutions.

Getting the Best Deals Online

Aside from being extremely convenient to use, Internet retailers can sometimes offer pricing that brick and mortar stores cannot offer. With Internet shopping, consumers can instantly compare prices between multiple retailers and find the best deals available. Some websites, such as eBay, allow consumers the opportunity to negotiate better pricing with retailers.

Another way to get good deals online is by using electronic coupons. There is a wide variety of coupon websites that offer special deals for some of the most popular Internet retailers. Consumers can also join marketing websites that exchange better pricing, and sometimes offer compensation, for letting marketing experts know where consumers do their shopping. It is the kind of deal that is very difficult to get when shopping at brick and mortar stores.

Online Shopping Has Changed the Way Retailers and Consumers Interact

When companies first started selling products over the Internet, many consumers were concerned that the Internet would make shopping an impersonal experience. But the interactive nature of the Internet has proven to create a situation that is the exact opposite.

Internet retailers are able to collect information about their customers that can make the shopping experience easier and better for clients. For example, a consumer who has a buying history with one particular Internet retailer may start to get coupons in their email inbox that can be applied towards products that the consumer buys on a regular basis. This kind of personalized service creates loyal and dedicated customers who are finding the online shopping experience to be very gratifying.

Consumers are starting to move their business online and it seems to be a trend that will not be going away. Internet retailers can offer better pricing, more selection, and a personalized experience that brick and mortar stores cannot. It seems that the Internet has only begun to change the way that consumers buy products, and the future looks to be exciting and beneficial for consumers in many different ways.