Favorite Online Shops for the Home

Online shopping started out slowly, but it has definitely picked up momentum. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that the online sales in the United States for just the fourth quarter of 2013 were $69.2 billion. That number was up almost four percent from the fourth quarter of 2012. As Americans get more comfortable with shopping online, the range of products being purchased continues to expand. Home items used to be the kinds of things that Americans would buy from local shops, or even through catalogs. But these days, more and more Americans are buying their home items online and saving money.

Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are pieces of furniture that are padded and covered with a fabric. Most people prefer these kinds of furnishings for their living rooms, bedrooms, family rooms, and bedrooms. When it comes to the best sites online for these kinds of products, you could choose from sites such as:

Interior Design

When people look for interior design websites to buy products for their home, they want sites that have plenty of variety. Whether you want a sconce for your wall or a vase for your living room, there are plenty of websites you can use to decorate your home's interior, but these are the sites that many people use on a daily basis:

And of course if you need an interior designer to help you design, decorate and furnish your home you can also find them online.

Home Lighting

Home lighting is a great way for you to express your individuality and your personality. You can invest in artistic lighting that offers something very unique for your home, or you can purchase something a bit more standard. There are a lot of home lighting websites out there that offer a variety of lighting options. If you want to visit the sites that a lot of people visit to get their home lighting, then give these sites a try:

Don't forget that many smaller lighting retailers also offer online shopping. Many local lighting shops will let you browse and buy online or you may choose to browse the selection online and then go into your nearest store to get a better idea of the size, colour and how it might look in your home.


Whether you are trying to set up a bar in your den, or you need a couch for your living room, you can find the furniture you need online. When online buying first became popular, people avoided buying furniture because they felt that shipping would be expensive and problematic. But the online retail industry has come up with some innovative ways to make sure that your couch and your dining room table get to you safe and sound. Check out these popular retail sites when you are ready to buy furniture:

You'll also find that many boutique furniture stores and custom furniture makers sell online, both ready made and to order. Your local furniture store probably also sells online or at least displays a selection of the available furniture on a brochure site.


Tableware means flatware, plates, and all of the accessories you use to make your table look special. You will find plenty of tableware for everyday use, and you will also find those special items for the holidays and other special occasions. When you shop online, you will be spoilt for choice. These are some of the more popular sites for tableware:


No home is complete without window dressing, especially decorative curtains. The best part about shopping online for your curtains is that you will find a broad selection in every shade and pattern, and the perfect size to fit your windows. Even people with windows that are hard to fit will find what they need online. The following online shops are very popular for people looking to buy curtains for their home:

If you need to get your curtains made to measure you can still use the internet to find curtains and blinds retailers near you.

Linens and Bedding

Linens and bedding are those things that we use the most, which means everyone is looking for a value in these kinds of products. You can buy linens and bedding on a variety of websites, including some of these fashionable online stores:

Shopping online has become the new way that people save money and still get what they want. When you use the right online shops, you will have all of the variety that you need. The most popular online shops gain reputations for having a wide array of products at prices that fit any budget. You can also check out comparison sites to find the cheapest retailers, the highest rated verion of a particular type of product or even the most energy efficient such as Energy Star rated home appliances like TV's and portable air conditioners. When you shop online, be sure that you check out a range of the most popular sites and grab yourself a great deal.