Luxury Homewares

Luxury homewares can make your home more comfortable and stylish. These fixtures serve practical purposes, yet also make your home look and feel more luxurious. When you want to upgrade any room of your home, you can do so by adding a range of luxury homewares to suit your decor and style.

Luxury Linens

Many people forget that linens can be luxuries in and of themselves. For example, bed sheets that have a higher thread count than 200 are considered to be some of the most luxurious available today. When you want your beds to be as soft, comfortable, and indulgent as possible, you can accomplish this goal by choosing bed linens that have a 200 or higher thread count. Sheets that are made out of materials like Egyptian cotton are also considered to be more luxurious than bedding made out of standard cotton or poly-cotton blends.

Luxury Window Coverings

Like bedding, window coverings also can be considered luxurious if they meet certain criteria. For instance, curtains made out of silk or damask are viewed as some of the most luxuriant coverings that people can buy today. Draperies made out of pure silk last for years and also have a soft sheen that adds style to any room in which they are hung. Likewise, damask curtains, with their unique floral or water-stained patterns and high sheen, also are among the most high-end window fashions available to homeowners. Such window coverings often cannot be purchased directly out of a retailer's inventory, however. You often must custom order draperies made out of either of these materials.

Authentic Artwork

Many homeowners hang reprinted or replicated works of art in their homes. However, when you want your home to be more luxurious and stylish, you may be convinced to hang authentic artwork instead of less expensive replicas you can buy in stores. Authentic artwork does often cost more than reprinted paintings; however, it also adds value to your home's interior. Further, authentic artwork looks more luxurious and interesting than mass-produced printed wall hangings that you can buy in big box stores. When people see that you have an original work of art in your home, they will recognize it as a luxurious piece and appreciate it for its value. Don't just look for paintings, art comes in many forms including scuptures, one off furniture pieces, tapestries and even neon light art.


Like original pieces of artwork, antiques also add a unique touch of class and beauty to your home. Antique furniture, rugs, mirrors, accents, and more can give any room of your home a rustic appeal while adding value to your house at the same time. Further, antiques have a style all their own that often cannot be found in the mass-produced home accents available at big box retail stores. When you add antiques to your home, you give your home a more interesting and luxurious look.

Technological Luxuries

While artwork, antiques, and soft furnishings can go a long way in adding luxury and value to your home, you can also make your home more indulgent by investing in technological upgrades. Some of the most luxurious homewares available today are those that utilize the latest technology, such as wireless Internet or remote control capabilities. For example, wireless thermostats recently were introduced to the market and are widely considered to be among the trendiest home luxuries that a person can buy today. This amenity allows you to control the thermostat setting of your home using your cell phone or mobile tablet.

Heated flooring is another home luxury available to people today. This technology relies on gas or water that is heated and then run through lines under your flooring. When you invest in this luxury, you no longer have to deal with stepping onto cold floors after taking a shower or getting out of bed, for example. You can stay warm and keep your house heated well during the cold months by choosing this luxurious upgrade for your home.

Even the most comfortable of homes can become more stylish and appealing with well-placed luxury homewares. You can upgrade the feel and look of your home by adding any of these luxuries to any room of your house today. These additions can range from soft furnishings like bedding to more technologically advanced comforts like heated flooring.